Second solo album, SHORT STORIES (Kisa Oykuler) by Mustafa Donmez is released in February 2013 on his own record label Atmosfer Records that he launched towards the end of 2012. Mustafa Donmez plays all the guitars and instruments on the album

1- Short Stories 2- Life is your Only Gift 3- Again & Again 4- Unaware of Future 5- Survival Hope 6- The Storm Petrel 7- Let Yourself Go 8- Tango in the Tram 9- The Red Kite

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MUSTAFA DÖNMEZ first solo album MYSTERIOUS JOURNEY (Gizemli Yolculuk) was released in December 2009 on A.K Music.


1- Begonvil Bahçesi 2- Kelebeğin Günlüğü 3- Gizemli Yolculuk 4- Gökkuşağının Çocuğu 5- Maraton 6- Mektup 7- Raslantı Değil 8- Nefes Blues 9- Geçmişe Özlem 10- Gün Bitti 11- Yunus ve Mavi


ATMOSFER, STORY OF THE TREES (Agaclarin Oykusu) was released on A.K Music in December 2007. Again, all compositions and arrangements in this album are written by Mustafa Donmez.

1- Story of the Trees 2- The Rain 3- Love Remains as Time goes by 4- Transformation 5- Sphere 6- Hope 7- Your Choice 8- The Key 9- Horizon Line 10 Don't Surrender to your Loneliness

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